Wzajemniak.pl - Useful Tips and Regulations :

Useful tips - how to get started and how to use the system:

1.  Create an account and fill in your profile carefully

Unlike most social networking sites, you cannot be anonymous on Wzajemniak. The truthfulness of the data allows you to build mutual trust, so we recommend that you complete the information on your profile carefully. Complete and authentic profiles (in terms of information and profile photo), after prior verification, are awarded the right to debit in points and are marked with a special verification symbol.

However, it is not necessary to provide all data in full form. The address of residence can be limited to the city, and the visibility of the phone number to the list of your friends. However, it is necessary to provide an e-mail address and/or telephone number, as well as links to social media (e.g. Facebook) - they are a good identifier and help you get the status of a verified profile faster.

2. Enter offers for items and services

The next step is to post the items and services offered for exchange for points. Their prices can be determined in:

- points (e.g., 50 points),

- PLN (e.g., PLN 50),

- points and PLN (e.g., 20 points + 30 PLN).

1 point is worth PLN 1. Typical exchanges on the Mutual have a value from 50 - 500 points, which is the equivalent of 50 - 500 PLN.

3.  Find your friends

Wzajemniak is based on trust, so we recommend taking care of your friends list. Don't invite or accept invitations from strangers.

If you know the person, give them a recommendation and ask them to give it to you. This will allow you to get verified profile status faster, allowing you to have a larger overdraft limit.

Invite as many of your friends as possible to join Wzajemniak! The more of us, the easier it is to find the items and services we need and exchange ours.

4.  Maintain your points balance

Balance does not indicate wealth or social status. It only presents the balance of one’s transactions with the rest of the users - how much a person "gives" and how much "takes" from the community. It is important to keep it balanced so that it oscillates around zero. Point balances are public, so everyone can judge someone's activity and their balance between "taking" and "giving".

5.  Be patient

Wzajemniak is a young portal, so it may take a while until there are enough offers for everyone to find whatever they want.

For now, before deciding to perform any service or exchange an item in exchange for someone else's points, accept the fact that you will most likely have to wait some time for something to appear for which you will want to use your points.

It can be helpful to post information about what interests you. Perhaps someone has something you need, but hasn't had time to post an offer, or simply forgot about it. That way, users offering various services you need can reach out to you on their own. You can also post such posts on the Wzajemniak group on Facebook (link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/255289035680034)

6.  Support

Wzajemniak is free by definition, and its creators support it from the funds of the DEMOK.pl foundation, which is based on donations.

There is a chance that in the future we will decide to introduce small fees, e.g., for account verification, or we will propose completely voluntary membership fee programs based on small sums (e.g., 10 PLN per year), thanks to which we could develop the portal faster.

As a foundation, we are grateful for any support. The person who pays for the maintenance of the portal obtains from us the unique status of "user-founder".

Account number:

Direct Democracy Foundation

65 1950 0001 2006 6846 2271 0002.


1. Profile and information

a. The required data in the profile creation process are name, surname, phone number, email address, age (in given range), address (city, postcode and street name are sufficient), and for the purpose of account authorisation – a URL to a personal social media account (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) is needed.
b. The profile must not contain false information.
c. It is forbidden to use the data of another person or fake data.
d. In order for the profile to successfully pass the verification process, it must be complete, contain real data, an authentic profile picture and links to profiles on social media (e.g., Facebook).
e. The User may limit the visibility of certain information (e.g., telephone number) to the group of his or her friends.
f. Profiles violating points 1b and 1c will be removed from the website.

2. Friends

a. A "friend" is someone you know personally and whose profile authenticity you are certain of.
b. It is recommended to only allow your real-life friends to the group of friends on the portal.
c. The administrator makes every effort to eliminate forgery of profiles. If a profile has not been verified by the administration (it does not have a validation symbol), it is the user's responsibility to judge its authenticity.

3. Points and PLN (PLN, PLN)

a. Users redeem points to exchange items and services.
b. 1 point is equal to PLN 1.
c. Points are an intermediary tool in barter exchange between users.
d. Points are not legal tender.
e. The sum of the point balances of all users of the Wzajemniak portal is equal to 0.
f. It is not possible to exchange points for PLN or PLN for points.
g. The only way to earn points is to exchange an item or service for someone else's points.
h. The only way to redeem points is to exchange them for items or services offered by someone else.
i. Users may also use Polish Zloty (PLN) to buy or sell services or items.
j. Wzajemniak is not responsible for the course of transactions in Polish Zlotys (PLN) and is only the place of their recording.

4. Debit and point account balance

a. The Administrator arbitrarily decides about granting the right to overdraft.
b. The right to overdraft may be discretionary.
c. The administrator may suspend the use of points for a user who has a negative point balance for at least 120 (one hundred and twenty) days and has not received any payments during this period.
d. The suspension of the use of points is as short as possible and lasts until the user's point balance is changed to positive (or zero) and may be subject to further restrictions, such as reducing the overdraft limit in points or completely withdrawing the right to debit in points.
e. Any restrictions may be temporary or permanent.

5. Data on transactions

a. Complete data on the details of transactions between users are stored in the system for 120 (one hundred and twenty) days, after which the information about the subject of the transaction is removed.
b. Data that remain on the website permanently are date, transaction pages, transaction amount (in points and PLN).
c. Account balances remain valid for the entire duration of the website operation.
d. Data on account transactions can be downloaded as a PDF file.

6. Cookies and personal data

a. The website uses cookies (so-called cookies) for statistical, advertising and functional purposes. They allow us to adjust the website to the individual preferences and needs of users.
b. The user only uses cookies voluntarily.
c. Each user can accept cookies or disable them in the browser settings.
d. If the user has disabled the use of cookies from the browser level, no data will be collected in this way.
e. Cookies do not affect the most important functions of the website.
f. The website does not make any user data available to third parties.

7. Fees

a. Using the website is free of charge.
b. The portal operator reserves the right to introduce fees for activities generating costs, e.g., account verification at the user's request in order to grant a point debit.