Welcome to Wzajemniak, a community of the exchange of goods and services (e.g. private foreign language lessons), where users pay using points.
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Idea of Wzajemniak

Points instead of cash

Cash isn’t necessary to live. Our system of points enables the exchange of services and goods on the basis of barter. Earn points by providing services or selling items to others. Spend them on whatever you want.

Be green

We are aware of the environmental challenges that humanity is facing and we want to do our bit to give our planet some relief. So, if you have something you don’t need anymore, exchange it and give it a second life on Wzajemniak.

Two heads are better than one

Wzajemniak is a community and a market. The more of us here, the wider the range of services and items and the more likely it will be to find someone interested. Invite your friends – you’ll help in creating the community of common support.

Wzajemniak simply explained:

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