FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions :

        If your question is not answered here, please read the Terms of Use.

  1. How do I get verified?

To be verified, you need to create and activate an account, and complete all the information in the form under My Profile -> Account Settings.

  1. How do I get my first debit points?

500 debit points are given by the moderator upon receiving proof of verification (point 1).

  1. How can I add items/services?

Go to the Items or Services tab, depending on what you want to offer, then select Add Item/Service and complete the form.

  1. Who can open an account?

           An account can be opened by anyone (parental consent is required for individuals under the age of 13).

  1. Is your data secure?

    Yes, Wzajemniak.pl will not share your data with any third parties (point 7 of the Terms of Use).

  1. Is the use of the portal free of charge?

    Yes, the use of Wzajemniak.pl is free. For more information, please refer to point 8 of the Terms of Use.

  1. How can I help Wzajemniak?

           Recommend using Wzajemniak.pl to your friends and join our Facebook group.

           Thank you for your support!

        If you have any further questions, please contact us at moderatorzy@wzajemniak.pl